Nov 9, 2007


Grant relaxed in his condo as the weekend began. Tastefully adorned with a few art pieces and painted subdued shades of green and blue, it was the place Grant wished to be after one of those long work trips, and now he was home, he basked in the glow of what was his.

Bookshelves were lined with books, sagging under the weight of thousands and thousands of pages. He had a couch and a loveseat arranged around a stereo speaker system, with a separate video game/DVD watching area nearby. Fully carpeted, there were very few things Grant liked to do more than take off the tight, Italian leather shoes and let his bare feet sink into the carpet. Feeling like a kid again, he wiggled his toes.

He had woken up that morning, still a bit sleepy from going out with his buddies the night before, but he needed to clean up the house and do some running around. He had grumpily accepted the loud exhortations of his alarm and gotten up early. Well, earlier than he would have normally, but early nonetheless.

He dusted and vacuumed, moreso from habit than need, and poured himself some red Kool-Aid.

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